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Rectangular Marquee:
Drag with this tool to enclose a portion of the image in a rectangular marquee, which is a pattern of moving dash marks that indicate the boundary of the selection.

Hidden tools: This shape can be changed from rectangle, elliptical, single row, and single column marquee tool.

Drag with the lasso to select a free-form portion of the image. Click around the perimeter of the image to establish anchor points for the outline path.

Magnetic Lasso:
Drag with the magnetic lasso to make a freehand, straight-edged selection. The selection border snaps to the edges of the image being selected.

Use this tool to reduce the visible area of an image (in a rectangular pattern).

Blends imperfections into surrounding images.

This versatile tool clones a part of an image, paints with a repeating pattern, corrects image flaws and more. To clone, hold down the Option while selecting the tool and then specify what portion to clone.

This tool removes the foreground image to reveal the background or the background color if no other image exists. When zoomed in, the eraser touches fewer pixels and is more precise.

Hidden tools: Hold down Option when selecting the eraser and the Magic Eraser will appear. This erases portions of the image back to what they were the last time the image was saved.

Blur has the effect of applying a bit of water to a watercolor painting…it softens the image.

Sharpens soft edges in an image.

Dragging with this tool will smear the image colors. It’s like using a fingertip on a charcoal or chalk drawing.

Selects a shape or segment.

Creates precise, smooth lines using anchor points.

Adds written comments to a selection.

Drag an image with the hand to move the image inside the window. Double-click on the hand tool icon to magnify or reduce the image so it fits on-screen.

Click and drag with this tool to move an object, layer, etc.

Magic Wand:
Selects similarly colored areas. To select discontinuous areas, click in one area and then Shift-Click in another. To select more of one area, change the tolerance at the top of the screen. This will allow more of one area to be selected with each click.

Slice Tool:
Creates user slices in an image.

Paint Brush:
Drag to paint brush strokes on an image. It can make both hard-edge and soft-edge strokes depending on the selected brush. Shift-Click will paint a straight brush stroke on your image. The size of the brush stroke can be changed at the top of the screen.

History Brush:
Copies an image and paints with it.

Paint Bucket:
Fills selected areas or adjacent pixels that are similar in color value to the pixels clicked on with the foreground color.

Dragging with this tool fills a selection with a gradual transition beginning with the foreground color and ending with the background color.

Drag with the Dodge tool to lighten pixels in the image.

Drag with this tool to lighten pixels in the image.

This tool adds text to the image. Font size, type, and color can be chosen with this tool.

Creates rectangles in an image. Fills the rectangle with the foreground color.

Hidden tools: Creates rectangle with rounded edges, ellipses, polygons, straight lines, or custom shapes.

Click with the eyedropper tool to select a color in the image to make the foreground color. Option-click with the tool to make a color the background color.

Click with this tool to move into an area of the image. Option-click to move back out. Double-click on the Zoom tool to restore the image to the 100 percent view.

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