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Preliminary Agenda


I. Gather Information and Strategize
Interactive Exercise: Bill Analysis
Take-away: A completed bill analysis worksheet


II. Contact Your Elected Officials
Interactive Exercise: Write an Effective Letter
Take-away: Completed letter related to issue area


 III. Get Involved in Elections
Interactive Exercise: Town Hall Meeting Exercise
Take-away: Public speaking experience


 IV. Contact the News Media
Interactive Exercise: Pitch a Local News Story
Take-away: Media Advisory (Press Release)


V. Advanced Techniques
Interactive Exercise: Stay On-Message Game
Take-away: Face-to-Face meeting experience


Event Details

The workshop will be led by Soapbox Consulting. Soapbox Consulting, led by Christopher Kush, the author of The One-Hour Activist, is a leading provider of training seminars, workshops, and lobby days for many national associations including the American Cancer Society, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Human Rights Campaign, National Association of Elementary School Principals, National Council of Schools and Programs in Professional Psychology, and others. Each workshop attendee will receive a copy of The One-Hour Activist, which provides advice from elected officials, professional organizers, lobbyists, and journalists on political advocacy.

During the workshop, we will show the nonpartisan documentary film “18-in-'08” directed by 19 year old David Burstein, a sophomore at Haverford College. The film is targeted at 17-24 year olds, many of whom will be voting for the first time in the 2008 presidential election. 18 in ‘08 features interviews with many of the most influential politicians, as well as political activists, media commentators, and student leaders.