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National Debating for Democracy Conference in New York City


        " We are Periclean Social Entrepreneurs working in collaboration to discuss and engage differences in order to build and renovate solutions for a new generation."

        This was the mission statement adopted by the group of attendees at last years National Debating for Democracy Conference hosted by the Periclean Scholar Program. Elon University was one of more than 20 Periclean universities present to discuss the empowerment of students to provoke social change.

        All  attending students were required to write legislative proposals to be selected for presentation and judging before a panel of former United States senators. The winning proposal was awarded $4,000 benefiting the social cause entailed in the proposal.

        Founders of non-profit organizations and numerous leaders of civic engagement spoke on current political issues focusing on student’s role in becoming social entrepreneurs and encouraging their peers to become involved.

“I found it refreshing and inspiring to see such a large group of young leaders from across the nation come together to express their sincere desire and dedication to see our generation enact real social change,” one Elon University student said.

        In April of this academic year, Elon University will be choosing the top legislative proposals to be entered into the prestigious competition, allowing two students to receive an all expenses paid trip to New York and an opportunity to represent Elon University. All students are encouraged to apply and are strongly urged to attend the conference hosted by the Periclean Program on October 11, 2008 in which they will also receive training on becoming successful in April's national competition.