Assignment For Jan. 7th

Today we are going to have our first guest speaker. Our plan is to have Ann speak for about 30 min and then to have a question and answer session. Ann is the first of many guest speakers that we are going to have come to our class. These speakers are experts in their fields. Their being with us is a great opportunity. Please make every effort to ask our guests good questions.

We expect each research group to turn in a sheet of paper with (1) three names on it, and (2) a short description of your project.

In preparation for our discussion of Gender in Cyberspace, we'd like you to read the following articles:
Please write an answer to each of the following questions:
  • #3 p.75
  • What were the political or ideological perspectives that were operative when the group was considering "toading" Mr. Bungle?
  • Would you have agreed or disagreed with the "toading"? Why?
  • Summarize the criticism that Miller directs at Dibbell's perspective.