Assignment For Jan. 5th

We know that you are going to attend Reardon's talk and some of you are going to watch the NCAA Football Championship game, so we hope that you will plan your time well so that you can get these readings done.

We'd like to ask you to read Sherry Turkle's article "Identity in the Age of the Internet: Living in the MUD" pp. 5-11 and Howard Rheingold's article "The Heart of the WELL" pp.151-163.

Once you have done that, we'd like you to write a response to the following questions.
  1. On p. 10, Sherry Turkle quotes someone who asks, "Why grant such superior status to the self that has the body when the selves that don't have bodies are able to have different kinds of experiences?" Write a paragraph in which you explore what you think Turkle's answer to this question might be? What do you think Rheingold's answer would be? Finally, write a few paragraphs explaining your views on this question.
  2. Write a few paragraphs that provide an answer to question #2 on p.163.
You should also take the time to closely review the Cyber Experience Assignment that we have provided for you. We will discuss this in greater detail in class. Please be prepared to ask questions.