Assignment For Jan. 4th

Dr. Thomas Reardon
McCrary Theater

Attendance Required

This is the first day of class, so unless you are exceptionally good, you should not be reading this prior to our first meeting. We will be using files connected to the assignment calendar to provide you with your daily assignments.

The assignments are due on the date that you can read at the top of the screen on any given day. Thus, for example, if you were to look at the assignment page for Jan. 5th, you'd see an assigned set of readings and a set of questions that are to be written out. Since that assignment is found on the Jan. 5th page, that work should be done PROIR to class on the 5th and handed in DURING class on the 5th.

Since, you most likely are reading this on the fourth, please go back to the assignment calendar and look at the assignments for the fifth.