Assignment For Jan. 21th

Today our guest speaker will be Dr. Connie Book, Asst. Professor of Journalism & Communications here at Elon. She will be addressing the topic of the impact of digital communications technology on home entertainment.

In preparation, please read the following articles:

After having read all of the above, please answer the following three questions:

1) Which technological systems are competing for control of "Millennavision 2000"? Which do you see as having an edge? And what effect might changes in media distribution have on programming content?

2) In the realm of print or television journalism, where should we draw the line on allowing digital manipulation of images? What dangers are inherent in this practice? Should it be strictly forbidden, or allowed under certain circumstances? What ethical principles should guide a journalist's decision-making process?

3) Do most people have difficulty telling the difference between reality and fantasy? Between reality and art? Based on Laurel's article, explore what psychological problems you think experiences in virtual reality might pose for people, and whether you feel such dangers are exaggerated or not.