Assignment For Jan. 13th

Today our guest speaker will be Dr. Laura Helvey, Asst. Professor of Political Science here at Elon. She will be addressing the topic of the impact of the Internet on global communications and democracy.

Dr. Helvey has assigned an online reading,
"Cyberpolitik: The Changing Nature of Power in the Information Age"

In addition, please read the following two chapters from our text:
After having read all of the above, please write an answer to question #3 on page 274 and question #3 on p. 284.

We'd like to ask you to think about something before you come to class. The articles that we have assigned all seem to assume that it is necessary to be wired for a country, an economy, or a people to be viable or legitimate. Give some thought to this and consider why this seems to be assumed so easily.