Assignment For Jan. 10th

We'd like to ask you to read, Charles Platt's article "What's It Mean to Be Human, Anyway?" pp.12-20 and Iain Boal's article "Body, Brain, and Communication: An Interview with George Lakoff" pp.21-31.

We'd like to ask you to write the answers to a few questions that will guide you to some insights that we can discuss in class. Please write an answer to question #2 on p. 20 and questions #1 and 2 on p.31. These should be one to two paragraphs each. These will be handed in during class.

Most people are unaware of just how much they use media. We think that it is important for people to have an awarness of the various types of media that innundate our culture and the degree to which we use those media. Thus, we want each student to keep a daily journal that records their use of the following media: This journal should be kept from Jan. 5th through Jan. 8th (midnight). In addition to the daily logs, please write a one-page reflective essay that comments on what you learned about your media use by doing this assignment. This assignment will be due as you enter class Jan. 10th.