Group Project Assignment
We are asking you to form a group of three like-minded persons, agree upon a topic that you wish to investigate, do the research, write and deliver a class presentation, and field questions from the class. This is an opportunity for you to follow your curiosity. Please take the time to select a project that genuinely peeks your curiosity.  You should take this opportunity to do something that will genuinely advance your understanding.
We have some ideas about topics that you might want to explore.  Some of these are topics that we will discuss in class and others are not scheduled for in-class discussion.  You should not in any way feel constrained by what we suggest.  You can develop topics that are of interest to you and that you think will be of interest to the class.  Possible topics could include any of the following ideas:
The above list of topics is only suggestive. You should feel free to develop topics of your own. Some of you will surely want to explore a topics that we have chosen to deal with in class. This will be OK, but we expect those projects to go significantly deeper than what we do in class.

We want to have groups assigned no later than Fri. Jan. 7th. We will schedule time in class on Thursday so that you can try to form your groups. Each group should consist of three members. Obviously, group members should share an interest in a specific topic and the group should be formed on that basis.

Your presentations should be similar to SURF presentations. (For those who don't know what those are like, they are typically 12 to 15 minute oral/multi-media presentations follow by 5 minutes of questions from the audience.)

As we agreed in class, we expect each group to hand in a detailed outline of the content of their presentation just prior to presenting their work to the class. In addition, you should hand in a bibliography that documents the research material that went into your presentation.