Meet Our Issue 65 Staff!

Casey Brown  Editor-in-Chief

Casey is a senior Creative Writing major from Franklin, MA with a fierce laugh and passion for women in comedy. She strives to live every day like Mindy Kaling, is fearfully preparing for her post-grad move to Los Angeles, and shamefully admits she had to sing her ABCs to put the contributors page together.

Autumn Spriggs  Editor-in-Chief

Autumn is a senior with a double major in Psychology and Creative Writing. She has a knack for finding obscure music and truly appreciates napping with her window open on rainy days. She will forever be impressed with the talent contained in this journal and is thankful for the entire staff and the contributors.

Margaret Bryant  Fiction

Margaret is a junior English major with concentrations in Creative Writing and Professional Wiritng and Rhetoric. She is a big fan of words and has a soft spot for cat puns and subtle sarcasm. She is grateful to have Rachel Shippee as her co-pilot on this editorial adventure and appreciates the time, energy, and sanity that the staff has dedicated to this publication.

Rachel Shippee  Fiction

Rachel is a senior double-dipping in Creative Writing and International Studies with a side of Spanish. She loves caramel apples, talented spoken word artists, and the Oxford comma. Shout-out to her lovely fiction co-pilot Mags, whom she trusts immensely, except if she actually attempted to fly a plane.

Rachel Lewis  Nonfiction

Rachel was born (and eventually raised) in Maryland. She writes almost exclusively about women who are/ want to be/ used to be in love and has recently traded in an obsession with semicolons for an obsession with parentheses.

Claire Fyvolent  Poetry

Claire is currently residing on a mysterious planet called post-grad life. She has a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing and plans to enjoy all the beauty the univserse has to offer.

Sarah Wasko  Art

Sarah is senior Art and Strategic Communications majors from Marietta, GA. She's a critical art student who's never quite satisfied with her own work, but that comes with the territory. Sarah love brussels sprouts, minuture schnauzers, and equality. She owes everything to her spirit guide, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer.

Dannie Cooper  Web Design

Dannie is a recently graduate (woo-hoo!) and English major from Maryland. She likes big dogs, cake batter icecream and writing about her travel-related endeavors. Also, she'd like to thank Elon's Campus Technologies staff for their assistance when the server decided to lock her out.

Drew Perry  Advisor


Tita Ramirez  Advisor