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Issue 66 Has Been Released!

You can get your copy of Issue 65 in the English Fishbowl or by talking to Tita Ramirez or Drew Perry.

Other News

North Carolina College Media Association 2012

Colonnades Issue 62, The Physics of Want, won Best in Show at NCCMA 2012! Even better news? Our contributors also won big.

Honorable Mention Poetry: “This is the Heart” by Natalie Lampert

1st Place Fiction: “We Are All of Us Stuck” by Cody Greene (our fearless leader and editor of issue 63)
Honorable Mention Fiction: “Flight” by Alexa Johnson

2nd Place Nonfiction: “Bro-Lepathy” by Meg Hemmingsong
Honorable Mention Nonfiction: “On Jigsaw Puzzles and Doing It Right” by Maggie Pahos

Congrats to Windhover (N.C. State University) and Rebel 53 (East Carolina University) for also winning best in show!