Issue 66


When we are young, we often complain about wanting to get older. We want to wear make-up. We want to go to the movies with our friends. We want to make our own rules. "When will it be my turn?" It seems unfathomable that we will ever get there. That is the unlikelihood of blooming.

   -- Exert from the Editor's Note by Casey Brown and Autumn Spriggs

Frederick Hartman Contest Winners

Congratulations to this year's award winners!

Fiction Award Judged by Ryan Van Meter:
First Place Casey Allen
Honorable Mentions Willaim Stirn & Kelsey Camacho

Poetry Award Judged by Paisley Rekdal:
First Place Alli Ginsburg
Second Place Phillip Danieley
Third Place Emily Cinquemani
Honorable Mention Lianna Mills

Nonfiction Award Judged by Holly Goddard Jones:
First Place Sarah Paterson
Second Place Kevin Coyne