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Emily Cinquemani  "Pull Me Free"
Casey Brown  "If You Say "I Love You" In A Plague Year"
Kevin Coyne  "Orphanage"
Sarah Paterson  "Declined"


Virginia Kluiters  "The Pit"
Sarah Paterson  "Watching the Perseid Meteor Shower on August 13th"
Frankie Campisano  "Pet Peeves Free To A Good Home"
Anna Von Wodtke  "What It Feels Like To Be In It"
Emily Cinquemani  "Between Spaces"
Brianna Duff  "The Water Creature"
Alli Ginsburg  "Yerushalayim"
SJ Knowlton  "The Loop"
Dannie Cooper  "Cane Fire"


Delaney McHugo  "Fat Girl"
Hannah Silvers  "I Would Offer You Cornbread"
Katharine Lindsay  "Permanent Things"


Tassy Henderson  "Untitled," "Untitled," & "Untitled"
Ben Stringfellow  "Neon Graveyard," "The Mrs." & "Man In a Bottle"
Sophia Spach  "Reaching For the Sun," "Pura Vida," & "Dancer's Life"
Chris McKenzie  "Internal Compass"
Kaitlin Stober  "Track Triptych," "Feet," "Paint," & "Textile Collages"
Lydia Willig  "Exposure"
Kate Levenberg  "Redefined," "Wind," & "Limitless"
Sarah Luther  "San Francisco," "Evolve," & "Granada"
Cymry Flood  "Autobiography"
Rachel Hayes/p4>  "Black and Gold"
Olivia Guerrieri  "Little Green WoMen"
Rosie Ruzzi  "Maryland Blue Crab" & "Costa Rican Identities"
Hannah Fernandes-Martin  "The Ashtadikpalas" & "Our Spring Is Sweet, Not Fleeting"
Virginia Kluiters  "Chained," "Rusted," & "Untitled"
Rachel Hayes  "Drowned In Tears" & "Fallen In Thought"
Lianna Pevar  "Somes Bar Living"
Julia Sorensen  "Home Away From Home"