What is a Democrat?
The primary purpose of American government is to provide for and protect the American people. It is vital that Democrats are entrusted as leaders because we care about the fate of all Americans. Because of this, we are the best choice for citizens who wish to build their communities and provide a quality existence for their families.  The platform of the Democratic Party emphasizes three key ideals; prosperity, progress and peace.  These are the values that will give a fresh start to America.

· We will restore the American economy and create jobs though immediate tax relief for middle and working class Americans, establishing a public works initiative in rural and urban areas, and return confidence to our nation’s stock markets by mandating honest disclosure and accounting practices.

· The most fundamental function of government is to protect its people. We encourage federal, state, and local governments to work together to fight terrorism. We support preventative programs that encourage children to abstain from a life of crime, and innovative ideas like community policing that encourage people to fight crime together.

· Education is a fundamental right for people of all ages. In order to ensure a quality education, we will fully fund early childhood programs and improve public schools through better teacher pay and smaller class sizes. We will make a college education affordable for all Americans through targeted tax cuts, low interest loans, and stronger student aid programs.

·Too many hard working citizens do not posses health insurance. We will pass legislation guaranteeing access to coverage for every child and every working American. We will ensure every person can afford prescription drugs.

· A government that lives within its means is essential to avoid burdening future generations with our current fiscal irresponsibility. We will balance the budget by reigning in runaway spending, implementing tax plans that favor working Americans, and modernizing government services.

· Democrats recognize that the United States is part of a global community where nations work together to achieve prosperity. We will support policies that foster a spirit of international cooperation, solving global problems with global solutions. We believe that a strong military is necessary to maintain foreign and domestic interests.

· Democrats believe in equality for all people. We support initiatives that guarantee all Americans have the right to equal protection under the law, opportunities in the workplace, and access to a quality education.

· We will create policies that enforce corporate accountability, justly punish white collar criminals, and ensure that abuses effecting employees never happen again. Furthermore, we explicitly support the right of employees to collectively bargain.

· The fundamental rights found in the Constitution lay at the heart of our democracy. Democrats will always seek to protect and defend these freedoms. We will exercise restraint in all areas where these rights may be infringed.

· Democrats recognize the importance of protecting the environment for ourselves, our children, and all future generations. We will actively pursue policies that promote activities such recycling and environmentally friendly energy alternatives. We will hold companies who hurt the environment responsible.

A Democrat listens to the global community while protecting and serving us at home. 

A Democrat is fiscally responsible without neglecting the social needs of the electorate. 

A Democrat is what will carry the nation into the next era with respect and dignity.


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