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Architectural Programming and Pre-Design Manager, R.G. Hershberger, 1999 (with CD). Overview of planning process with many checklists.

Timesaver Standards for Building Types, J. DeChaira & J. Callender, 1990 3 ed. Sample layouts of typical facilities with design criteria.

Building Construction Cost Data (yearly issue), R.S. Means Inc. Cost data for most facilities including design and engineering fees.

Project Budgets for Buildings, D.E. Parker & A. Dell-Isola, 1991. Project budget estimating procedures.

The Art and Science of Pricing, D.A. Stone, 1999. How to calculate architect fees using several cost models.

The Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice Vol. I-IV, ed by D. Haviland, 1994. Comprehensive source for project management with explanatory notes for contract forms (both design and construction).

The Codes Guidebook for Interiors, S.K. Harmon, 1994. Graphic summary of code impact on building design.

The Architect's Studio Companion, Technical Guidelines for Preliminary Design, E.A Joseph Iano, 1989. Simplified design criteria with diagrams for structures and building systems.

Standard Building Code, North Carolina 1997. Typical state code, hard to read and includes many addenda.

Town of Elon College Zoning Ordinance 1994. Typical local ordinance which contains unique restrictions.

Simplified Design for Building Fire Safety, J. Patterson 1993. Summary of fire code impact on design with explanations regarding rationale for the code requirements.

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMI), ed by William Duncan, 1996. Overview of managing any project, not just construction. Free download copy from web site.

Facilities Management: A Manual for Plant Administration Part IV Facilities Planning, Design, Construction and Administration, ed. By W.D. Middleton,1997. Comprehensive overview of all phases of project management with checklists and flowcharts.

The Facilities Manager's Reference, H.H. Kaiser, 1989. Narrative text describing project management from the operator's point of view.

Facilities Operations Engineering Reference, R.S. Means,1999. General information on project creation from the facility operator's point of view.

Facilities Maintenance Management, G. H. Magee, 1988. General information on project creation from the facility operator's point of view.

Engineering Economics and Practice, S.A. Rosenthal,1964. Standard economic analysis formulas and examples.

Construction Law in Contractor's Language, M. Stokes,1990. Overview of contract law with simplified case studies.

Construction Nightmares (Jobs from Hell and How to Avoid Them) , A.F. O'Leary & J. Acret, 1999. Case studies in a easy to read format.

APPA Commissioning Workshop, J. Heinz, 1997. Check lists and procedures for start up of complex facilities.

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