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Elon Club Baseball receives funding from Elon University; however, the team frequently engages in fundraising activites in order to provide each of its members the best possible club baseball experience.

The team must hire umpires for its games, purchase baseballs, and in the case of organizing its annual tournament, the Elon Fall Classic, pay other expenses such as field maintenance costs. The team also pays for needed equipment upgrades, most recently including a new set of batting helmets and two new team bats, as well as hotel rooms for away games that require extensive travel. Finally, the team periodically purchases Elon Club Baseball apparrel for pregame and casual use. Past apparel has included pregame warmup shirts and hooded sweatshirts.

In order to make all these aims of Elon Club Baseball possible, your help is needed. The team is committed to providing the best club sport experience possible for all of its members, regardless of skill level or class.

To contribute to Elon Club Baseball, please write 'Club Baseball' in the memo line of a check to:

Elon University Campus Recreation
106 Woodale Drive
Elon, NC 2724

We deeply appreciate your help!

To learn more about how your valued contribution benefits Elon Club Baseball, please contact Team President Chris Milano or Team Treasurer Andrew Sturm. Thank you for your generous support!