2001-2002 Proposals

The four projects selected for Year Three of the Elon University Initiative (academic year 2001-2002) are as follows:

1) Professors Glenda Beamon (Education) with Janet Warman (English), Janice Richardson (Math), Bernard Curry (Sociology), Jimmie Agnew (Science Education) with 2 students
To create "An Interdisciplinary Partnership for Middle Grades Education."  This proposal brings together a cross-disciplinary partnership of faculty and students for the purpose of developing and participating in a new teaching-learning model for middle grades education.

2) Professor Dan DeNeui (Psychology) and 7 students, Alyssa Couture, Todd Ebba, Jennifer Garvin, Emily Goodman, Maggie Houts, Jonathan Stuhl, and Shana Witman
"Digital Internships: Bridging the Conceptual and Experiential Divide" -- This project involves collaborative work to create an online course that will augment the positive aspects of students' internship experiences while they are in the field.

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3) Professors Pamela Kiser and Cynthia Fair (Human Services) and 5 students
This project is designed to assess the Integrative Processing Model.  This model is set up to aid students apply their academic knowledge to practice situations, develop ethical sensitivity and responsible decision-making, and learn to manage professionally their own personal reactions, values, and emotions. It also purports to aid students develop professional habits of mind by engaging in on-going critical thinking, self-evaluation, decision-making and planning. 
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4) Professors Thomas Tiemann and Steve DeLoach (Economics), and 2 students, Leila Saliba and Victoria Smith
"Towards a Deeper Understanding of Study Abroad Experiences: A New Model for Group Experiential Learning"  This project involves the creation of a new model for group processing of experiential learning appropriate to both study abroad and other group projects (e.g. service learning).  The goal is to make experiential learning a more profound and powerful experience. This project involves study abroad and extensive use of videotaping.

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One project has been re-funded for its second year:
Glenda Crawford

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