2000-2001 Proposals

The four projects selected for Year Two of the Elon University Initiative (academic year 2000-2001) were as follows:

1) Professors Anne Cassebaum (English), David Cockrell (History) and Janet MacFall (Environmental Studies) with 4 students: Craig Bailey, Brendan LaMar, Erin Faciolo and Patty Besial.
To create and studying a course -- One River: Three journeys.  The course will focus on one river in North Carolina and how literature, history and environmental studies view and explore the territory of that river.  Includes one week canoe trip and seeks to create a learning community where students teach as well as learn.

2) Professor Heidi Glaesel (Geography) with 4 students: Courtney Berben, Benjy HoweNick Parsons and Janetta Tolliver
To create and study a pilot course for students returning from study abroad opportunities.  This course is designed to aid students to incorporate what they have learned abroad into their other classes and life in general.  It will also provide feedback for preparing students for study abroad.
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3) Professors Seena Granowsky (Psychology) and Ann Wooten (Education) with 4 student-researchers selected from Fall and Spring classes.
To study learning in two courses: Educational Psychology (a theory course) and Teaching Reading in Elementary School (a praxis course).  In Fall semester 2000, the courses will be taught separately but studied by the same faculty-student research team.  In Spring semester 2001, the courses will be linked (the same students taking both courses).  The faculty-student researchers will investigate the added dimension of connected study, relating theory and application and providing time for reflective integration.

 4) Professor Carole Troxler (History) and 1 student associate: Sarah Grace Shelton
To create and study a group research internship at the request of the Trading Post Preservation Association, a non-profit organization located in Hillsborough, NC.  This group seeks to locate, document and preserve remnants of the 17th century Native American Trading Path that ran through present day Virginia and the Carolinas.  The faculty-student research team will identify research sources and materials, oversee the internship and study the results in such a way as to provide a model for subsequent internships of this type.

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