1999-2000 Proposals

The four projects selected for Year One of the Elon University Initiative (academic year 1999-2000) were as follows:

 1) Professor David Crowe (history) and 2 student associates David Fuhr and Halle Haniewich -- for design and study of different "student as  teacher;  teacher as student" models in the context of undergraduate student research.

 2) Professors Kathy Gallucci, Lisa Carloye, Mona DeVries  (biology) and 4 student associates - for design and study of more relevant, inquiry-based course and laboratory components in Biology 101 /102 to better engage non-majors.

3) Professor Janet MacFall (Environmental Studies) and Professor Doug Redington (economics) and 11 student associates for a project whereby students in diverse fields  will be coached to serve as "expert" resource persons to faculty and students in a simulation on an environmental issue (similar to Model UN) to be designed for use in our first-year Global Experience courses.
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4) Professor Anthony Weston (philosophy) in collaboration  with  Professor Catherine King (psychology), Professor Larry  Simon (education) and 6 student associates -- for a project to utilize three "linked" courses  offered in spring 2000 -- Philosophy of Education, Educational Psychology and Foundations of Education as a mini-"learning community" and to add a special 2sh integrative seminar for 20 students from the 3 classes to investigate issues in reflective integration.

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