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Development of Brazil
By: Jeff Alduk

By: Ryan W. Andersen

Food, Food, and More Food
By: Keatha Banelli

Brazilian Government
By: Suzy Barker

Experiencing the Amazon
By: Tripp Bell

Favelas of Rio de Janeiro:Cities within a City
By: Kelly Boyles

Buzios:Brazilian Hot Spot in the 3rd Millenium
By: Laura Cady

Travel Guide to the Amazon
By: Jack Collins

Brazil in the Third Millennium
By: Ross Cushnie

Health Care Concerns in Brazil
By: Laura Duncan
Buzios: What Dreams Are Made Of
By: Matt Everett

Education: Public or Private?
By: Lisa Grever

Louis Vuitton or Louis Fauxtton?: Brazil’s War On Piracy
By: Abby Joyce

A Real Sense of Community
By: Kirsten Kolb

Brazil: In the Third Millenium
By: Bert Krieger

Itaipu Binacional: An Achievement in Massive Construction and Power Production
By: Matt Lake

African Influences On Brazilian Development
By: Stephanie Luckam

The Wonder of the Amazon
By: Sarah Martin

A Different Perspective
By: Kate McManus
Cultural Differences Between Brazil and the United States
By: Liz Palka

Favela Crashers: Lovin’ Life in the Ghetto
By: Jarred Poupore

Brazilian women
By: Hayley Schools

Brazilian Economy
By: Elizabeth Shandley

Tripping over the Cobblestone Roads of Paraty
By: Steve Skeen

*Anne Taylor*
By: Anne Taylor

Graffiti Art in Rio De Janeiro
By: Alex Traboulsi

Poverty in Brazil
By: Cathy Trenary

Brazilian Carnival: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience
By: Sheida Vaez-Zadeh

Music and Dance in Brazil: Samba School
By: Meredith Whitley