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Growth in Brazil

The Myth Behind Rio

Christ the Redeemer

An Intro to the
Brazilian Economy

Rubber to Retail

A World with no

History of the
Ariau Towers

Ariau Towers

Dollars and Sense

Landless Workers

Iguacu National Park

Iguassu Falls

Happiness in the

Racial Issues

Dance to the Music

Samba Schools


Beaches of Brazil

Meet the Crew:

     My name is Ethan Benedict and I am from Akron, Ohio. I am a senior at Elon and an International business major. The Brazil trip was my third winter term trip through Elon University and by far the most amazing time of my life.

Article: An Intro to the Brazilian Economy

Keenan Benjamin

Article: What is Poverty? Happiness in the Favelas

Lindsay Boatwright

Article: Christ the Redeemer

Andrew Danieli

Article: Fun in the Sun on the Beaches of Brazil

Peter Donohoe

Article: The Myth behind Rio : How dangerous is this city?

Brian Gift

Article: Iguacu National Park

Annie Langdon is a sophomore philosophy major and international studies minor at Elon University. She plans to further her academic career by attending law school post-graduation, but would like to spend some time in a foreign country before doing so. In her free time, Annie enjoys spending time with her sorority sisters, volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of America, and of course..shopping!

Article: Brazilian Economy: From Rubber to Retail

Alexander Lindsay

Article: Achieving Economic Growth in Brazil

Carolyn Elizabeth Mason: age 19; freshman at Elon University (Corporate Communications Major); Hometown - Stow, MA; previously traveled to Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, Aruba, Cayman Islands and Hawaii.

Article: "A World with No Commercials"

My name is Jeff Morrison. I'm graduating Elon University in May of 2004 with a B.S, in Sports Medicine. While travelling throughout Brazil I became known as the "man of many stomach" at all you can eat meat buffets.

Article: The Ariau Towers

Trevor Murgio

Article: Surfing or Something Like it

Dan Paladino: The 2004 Brazil GST 243-IS course was my last class for Elon. Therefore, I'll be departing from the bubble, and making my way into the real world with a history degree in hand. Obrigado Brasil. Tchau!!!

Article: Racial Issues in Brazil

My name is Mary Pulcinella. I am a junior sociology major and non-violence studies minor.

Article: Landless Workers Movement

Dan Sliwinski

Article: Dance to the Music

Lauren Thomas

Article: Iguassu Falls

Andy Tomkiewicz

Article: Samba Schools

Michael Vergamini

Article: "Dollars and Sense in Rainforest Stewardship"

My name is Sara Walker. I am currently a junior at Elon, majoring in History and minoring in Geography. This is a picture of Shakira and me at Ariau. Shakira was a spider monkey who was very attached to people, literally!

Article: History of The Ariau Towers