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By: Andrew Danieli

        Boa Tarde! My name is Andrew S. Danieli and I am writing to all fellow readers about my recent journey to Brazil . My travel to Brazil started off in Rio De Janeiro , which was a quite amazing city due to its enormous size and the location in which it was built. For my travel down to Brazil I primarily concentrated on the sport football, or otherwise known in the United States as "soccer". What I was obtaining to learn and investigate further about is how does this dominating sport affect or have any affect on Brazil 's economy? For all of you readers that are unfamiliar with soccer, Brazil is the world dominator and breeder of world class soccer players. Brazil has one the World Cup five times and does not plan on stopping there.

        Through out my research I gathered many interesting pieces of information that had no prior knowledge of. For instance, in recent years Brazil 's soccer economy had been suffering greatly due to poor management, lack of promotional advertising, insufficient funds to pay "world class" player salaries, lack of proper budgeting, lack of purchasing power through out Brazil 's staggering economy, and corruption within club organizations (tax evasion and money laundering to overseas accounts). What is amazing to me is that there are currently nineteen club teams situated in Brazil and as of 2000 they generated 207 million dollars in total revenue (1). This was a very shocking piece of data for me because some sports teams in the United States average more than 200 million dollars in a season. It completely amazes me that a country that is the best in the world in the largest growing sport in the world, they have no economy to show for it.

        However, in the last year great improvements have been made in re-establishing Brazil 's soccer industry all because of the new Left Wing President Lula. He has done an excellent job in reconstructing a very successful but staggering soccer industry. In just one year Lula has eradicated the corruption within the club teams and has established a fully functional management program that will help all teams within the Brazilian Football Confederation for years to come. If this new legislation stays in effect and the proper changes are made to halt the economic loss, then Brazil will be able to possible compete with the European soccer league in the next ten years or so.

        One thing that I could not get over was the amount of soccer fields that Brazil had scattered through out the country side and piled on top of each other in the city. It is very difficult to try and relate soccer to a sport that is played in the United States in which everyone participates in on a daily basis. When I was walking along the beaches in Rio , the outer parts of the beaches (up by the boardwalk) are filled with on going games of sand soccer and fuchie ball, or can otherwise be interpreted as volleyball without the use of hands. This particular game was the most common played and this is something that you will never see on the beaches of the US . For the people of Brazil soccer is a way of life. Many people are poor and not as fortunate as we are in the US to have such luxuries as television. Therefore, the way people keep themselves entertained is through recreational activities like soccer, surfing, running, riding bikes, hiking, swimming, etc.

        While traveling extensively through Brazil you get the impression that people are very in shape compared to that of the United States . In Brazil , people are so energetic and look a lot healthier than that of the US because for one thing, they do not have all the fried and greasy food that many Americans over consume through out the course of their day. Also, many people can not afford a car and taxis may be too expensive, so their only option of transportation is by foot, bike, or metro. Brazilians are very out going and adventurous people that seek pleasure and enjoyment rather than success and power. The quest to search for outdoor recreation in Brazil is beyond ones comprehension. The best way to experience what Brazil has to offer is to go there and experience for yourself, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed, but you will be exhausted.

1. Soccer as an Economic Sector: Current Situation and Outlook in Latin America and the Caribbean .