Wardan Cultural Center


The Wardan Cultural Center was started by the Wardandi people as a place where they could educate both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people about their culture and its importance. They give tours and run programs for schools and groups that come through the area.


The Wardandi People are the traditional custodians of the land bounded by Capel to the Northeast, Augusta in the South and including the regions now known as Busselton, Yallingup and Margaret River.
They have a strong connection to the sea, and are the custodians of the many caves in the area. The caves are the passages to the afterlife and the region of the sea god

While we were at the Wardan Center we went on a bush walk with our guide Clinton,learned how to make tools, witnessed a live concert with authentic music, and watched and danced the traditional Wardandi dances. For lunch, Josh cooked up some kangaroo and chicken skewers at the barbie. We also had a great salad and magnificent Mango Orange juice boxes (only available in OZ)!



Wardan Cultural Center Official Web Site

Our class would like to give a special thank you to Clinton, Josh, and the Wardan Center for coming in on a Saturday to teach us about the Wardandi people. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality!!

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