While in Perth we visited two museums to learn more about Aboriginal peoples history and culture.


The Western Australia Museum

Unfortunately when we visited the museum, the main display about Aboriginal culture was being refurbished. We spent some time in the other parts of the museum taking note of the Aboriginal peoples influence that was found in the White Australians' history. This was very interesting because we were able to see where important Aboriginal facts were left out, as well as how a story could be depicted in two different ways.


The Berndt Museum of Anthropology

The Berndt Museum is located on the campus of The University of Western Australia. This museum has a collection of Aboriginal peoples artifacts, art, and culture. Unfortunately the museum itself is not large enough to showcase the extensive collection. Brett was able to take out specific items and share them with us, as well as tell us of other important artifacts that have been acquired.

Here are Annie and Kathy with Brett Nannup, one of the curators of the museum.

We would like to thank Brett for being our museum guide during our visit.