Our final few days in Perth were spent taking in the Australian culture. We went to Caversham Wildlife Park. The last day we were in Perth was Australia Day.


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Australia Day

Our last day in Perth was Australia Day, known as Survival Day to the Aboriginal culture. This is the day where the White Australians celebrate the founding of Australia, while the Aboriginal peoples celebrate their survival in the country. During the day, the Survival Festival was taking place. The festival included tents where we could go in and learn basic background about the Aboriginal people, and their fight for existence on their native lands. There was also a stage set up were concerts were going on all day. At night the entire city sat on the riverfront to watch air shows and the fireworks.

This is a band that was playing in the middle of the mall on Australia Day.


The Aboriginal peoples refer to Australia day as Survival Day. They celebrate their survival. This is a picture from the Survival day concert. The formation is made up of hands with names of Aboriginal people on them. The hands are arranged to look like the serpent, Wagal.

Here is one of the groups that performed at the concert.

Sitting on the green for the last time, waiting for the fireworks to begin.



Caversham Wildlife Park

Caversham Wildlife Park is a small zoo where you can interact with native animals of Australia. We rode camels, held a wombat named Big Bubbs, and fed the kangaroos.


Dave's son , Cameron, and Annie riding the camel.

Jennie and Katie on the camel.


Pete holding Big Bubbs

Landis holding Big Bubbs

Ashley feeding a kangaroo.

Emily found a hungry roo too.


Farewell Dinner

The night before we left Perth we had a farewell dinner where we invited various people that had helped us throughout the month.

Thank you to everyone who made Australia the best three weeks of our lives!

A special thanks to Roberts Luxury Tours and the many bus drivers for showing us their country and sharing their knowledge.

A very special thanks to Dave Van Kuyl who drove us up and down the coast of Western Australia for a week. Thank you for not only driving us but also eating and shopping with us, and for being our friend. You are such a great guy with a beautiful family! We love you!