Canal Rocks and Busselton

Canal Rocks is a series of rocks protruding from a natural canal in Yallingup, WA. It is a great place for photo opportunities and also for fisherman. There is a little bridge built over the smallest part of the canal for visitors. It is a beautiful place!!

Pete on top of the world!!
One of the two best professors on this earth, Annie, with Ashley and Landis.
We stayed at Canal Rocks Beach Resort. It was a very family orientated camping resort. The beach was beautiful, and every night there was a big bonfire that we really enjoyed being a part of. We were all fortunate enough to have kangaroos literally living in our backyard. They loved to come visit while we were grilling. At night there would be masses of them all around the campsite. As Sara would say "How bout them Roos?" Here is another beautiful view of the beach at our resort.
We made a quick stop at the Busselton Jetty on our way to Canal Rocks. It is the second longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. This picture was taken from about halfway down, so you can only imagine how long it is!!! The water was so clear even when we got to some of the deepest water. The jetty has its own train that runs from the beginning all the way to the end. The Underwater Observatory is at the end of the jetty. This observatory starts above the ocean's surface and continues all the way to the ocean floor. We learned a lot about marine life on this tour, and captured some amazing photographs.