Kim Collard



This is the wonderful Kim Collard who graciously headed up our lectures while we were in Perth. He was formally a professor at Curtin University, but has since retired and founded his own business, Kooya Consultancy, which works to educate both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples on the indigenous peoples of Australia.

While in Perth we had two lectures with Kim. Our first lecture dealt with the historical background of the Aboriginal Peoples of Western Australia. The second lecture was guided more towards understanding diversity.

We learned the Aboriginal peoples viewpoint about the history of Australia. The Aboriginal people have a strong cultural tie to the lands. They believe that the land was carved out, and they were placed on the land to take care of it by their creator, Wagal the rainbow serpent. Until the white settlers came to Australia no one had claimed the land. Aboriginals had never worked with treaties or warfare until the Brittish settlers came to Australia.

We learned from Kim that throughout history the settlers have worked to breed out the black in the Aboriginal people. Today there are not any full blooded Aboriginal people still living.

The government has made policies throughout history like the one above where they believed that they were helping the Aboriginal people. In actuality all the government has done is banished the Aboriginal culture and heritage. The Aboriginal peoples were offered to be citizens of their own land under the conditions that they carried a passport which inturn meant they gave up their family values and culture.



As a class we would like to thank Kim Collard for his time and help.

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