Aboriginal Australia

Winter Term

January 6-29, 2005

a.k.a. OZ WT '05

This web site is a basic overview of our trip to Australia where we learned a great deal about the Aboriginal peoples history, culture, heritage, and lifestyle. We spent a total of nine days in the city of Perth, six at the beginning, and three at the end. Perth is a smaller town than Sydney (which has 4 million people), with only about 1,250,000 people. The whole city has a laid back feeling which we enjoyed since we are used to the hustle and bustle of America.  From our hotel we could walk to the train station and shopping malls in about twenty minutes.  From the train station we could catch a train to our favorite beach, Cottlesloe, or any other place we wished to go.  Perth also runs a bus system which could be taken to get to anywhere in the city.  Just on the other side of the train station is Northbridge, a district of the city which is made up of mainly restaurants. Northbridge has a great nightlife and can be reached easily by taxi. Perth holds something for everyone, and was a great place to begin and end our class.

Here we are getting on the bus after arriving in Perth. Tired from the journey, but so excited to start learning!! A group of girls wait for a train departing to Cottlesloe.
A majority of the girls out for the night in Perth.

A view of Perth at night. Gorgeous!!!


The Aboriginal Flag

- designed by Harold Thomas in 1971

- Adopted as a flag of Australia in 1994

- The black represents the Aboriginal people, the red is the earth, and the yellow is the sun

Australia's first national flag

- Created in 1901 when the Commonwealth of Australia was formed.

- The Union Jack (the flag of Britain) is in the top left hand corner. This signifies that Australia is part of the British Commonwealth.

- The bigger star under the Union Jack has seven points on it to represent the six states and the territories.

- The stars on the right of the Union Jack signify the Southern Cross. This is a constellation that can always be seen in the Australian night sky.

ustralia's first national flag

Click on any of the sites below to find out more about our amazing class. The sites are in order
of the places we visited during the month.

- Rottnest Island

- Kooya Consultancy with Kim Collard

- Museums

- Canal Rocks and Busselton

- Wardan Cultural Center

- Nannup Valley

- New Norcia

- Moore River, Geraldton, The Pinnacles

- Tool making and Art

- Bush walks

- Dance and Music

- Last Few Days/Australia Day

We all owe this amazing experience to two of the best professors on Earth, Anne Bolin and Kathy Lyday-Lee. We would not have wanted anyone else to be our teachers, mentors, and friends on this trip. We Love You Both! Cheers!