Interesting Links

Science Related
-this site provides up-to-date science articles on many subjects, ranging from computers, to health, to general science; updated three times a day
-this site is updated weekly, and provides information on a wide variety of topics. Articles are in a condensed form, and are very informative
-the American association for the advancement of science…provides the user with links to articles written in the magazine Science, which you cannot access unless you are a registered user…but from the AAAS site, you can see what is currently going on in their organization
Has up-to-date articles on a very wide variety of subjects, including special sections for “hot topics” such as SARS and marijuana

Technology in the Arts
(National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture)
This site features introductions to film, video, audio, and online media.
(British Journal of Aesthetics)
This site includes background information regading art history, visual culture, and philosophy.
(Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism)
This site introduces readers to the realms of philosophy, sociology, political science, and classical studies.
(Art and Culture Magazine Online)
Art and Culture Magazine features a variety of art forms such as design arts (furniture, interior design, architecture, etc.), film, literature, music (classical, experimental, electronic, etc.), and performing and visual arts.


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