Volume 1 Issue 1
Fall 2003/Winter 2004

Technology in the Arts

This section contains full text articles and links to articles in outside sites that deal with the use of technology in the arts. There are many visual installations and demonstrations, plays, movies, and auditory art experiments that are utilizing cutting edge technology. The articles included in this section range from cinema and theatre to visual art to music, and express the countless uses of technology in the arts.



To See or Not to See by Cathy Lebowitz
This article is about an independent film maker in Germany, who uses "found" footage from surveillance cameras and cameras in missiles to put together films that show the rise of power through the use of technology. In the films, he uses "smart" technology footage to show examples of machines adapted for civilian use. The final product shows the recent (after 9/11) dilemma of privacy versus security.

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Test Drive Music for a Song
Due to the new controversy surrounding file sharing, new sites are popping up everywhere that allow a user to download songs for a low price. These sites give high quality music, while allowing the user to (legally) access the music they want. The article provides tips for downloading music (such as "watch your wallet" and "burn CDs immediately"), and also names some of the new sites where music can be found.

A World of Sound by Aruna D'Souza
Janet Cardiff has created installations that use sound and visual effects to give the viewer a sense of disconnection from the world. She uses, in her installations, binaural sound, audio of her own voice, and tours through the museum or a movie. While the viewer is watching the film, or taking the tour, he or she can hear Cardiff's voice coming through a sound system, sounding much like she is standing right behind that person, commenting on the surroundings. In the tour, the viewer begins to watch the movie, or go on the tour, as anyone would-feeling like an individual having an "alone" experience, but still in the middle of people…through the use of binaural sound, Cardiff tries to imply that the sense of being an individual, nor the sense of community truly exist. We "are neither alone nor connected, but rather exist somewhere between the two, constantly caught up in somebody else's story."

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Visual Art

Face Lift to Put Shine back on Sun King's Folly
The Chateau de Versailles in France is being renovated-its first restoration since the 1800s. The palace is huge, and incredibly dangerous due to old wiring and electrical systems, and a boiler that has been known to overheat frequently. The plans for renovation include the first step of making the building safe, and this task is expected to last until 2009. The article provides a brief history of the building, and some other plans for renovation.

A New Model for Calculating the Arts Impact
This article describes a whole new approach to the economic value behind the arts. Usually, people use economic multipliers in calculating the value of art…x dollars spend on funding creates x dollars in revenue…but two researches performed a whole new cost-benefit analysis, taking into consideration a very small area around art buildings, and the economic impacts from those buildings (including high rent, increased traffic, building permits, and crime statistics of the area. This new approach opens up much more of the way in which the arts impact surrounding areas, and can be used to more specifically, and more efficiently determine funding for arts programs.

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Survey Says (click on "Survey Says" at the bottom on the page)
This article, from Stage Directions Magazine's online site, conveys the importance of balancing business and creativity when conducting the activities of a community theater's executive board meetings. It emphasizes the proper attributes and skills necessary for various board members and the need to establish criteria for declaring participants as "members" of the theatre company. The article also brings up factors to take into consideration when selecting shows for the upcoming season in addition to addressing financial issues, like publicity and fundraising, that may be of concern to the board.

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