Volume 1 Issue 1
Fall 2003/Winter 2004

ZZZ's to A's
Why School Start Times Need to Be Adjusted

Sarah Umberger
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Most high school children these days start their days earlier than their parents, with start times between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. More and more children are having to get ready and leave the house before their working parents. Combine this early start with late nights studying and extracurricular activities and you have a population of tired children struggling through classes. Due to their changing biological needs, high school aged children are predisposed to staying up later at night and need more than eight hours of sleep each night. Changing this educational practice alters generations of tradition, starting in the days when high school was intended as training for young people headed for life working in factories. Because this function of education is no longer relevant, our society needs to reexamine policies and serve the needs of developing children.


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