ZZZ's to A's
Adolescent Sleep Needs and
Changing the Start Time of the School Day

"Sleep studies have shown that teenagers' internal clocks are not compatible with the early hours of most high schools. Recent research indicates that starting the school day later can benefit teens and everyone around them."
~Kyla L. Wahlstrom, The High School Magazine, May 2000

When a teacher asks her class, "Should school start later?" she should expect a response. When the class meets the first period of the day, the students might whine in response, "It's first period," or, "It's Monday." If the same question is asked to a class meeting later in the day, students are more likely to respond with energetic and thoughtful questions. This site has been designed to provide insight into the reasons and implications of this situation.




Information Compiled and Assembled
by Sarah Umberger

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