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Last Updated On : December 6th, 2003


   Hello and welcome to a web based information site, designed to give you, the viewer, information and analysis on some of today's most innovative products and technology within the realm of sound and music. Divided into different pages, this site will give you a basic look inside the world of Audio Technology, some of it's newest innovations, hottest products and a general overview of what's available on the market today. If you are new to this type of world and some of the technology inside, try not to worry, everything is explained with an uninformed audience in mind. Well, sit back, relax, and scroll down to begin your investigation inside the world of Audio Technology.

Check out the Project Overview.

The what, where, when, why and how of this project.

View some information on myAudience Analysis .

Gain insight into how I used rhetorical analysis to design this project.

Information on The Basics of Speakers.

Information about how speakers function.

Flat-Panel Speakers.

Check out one of the newest additions to speaker technology and design.

3-D Audio.

While mostly geared towards computer games, this realm will hopefully begin to expand to other forms of Audio.

The What's Hot and What's Not Section.

My personal Top 10 Recommendation for speaker consumers.

View my Links page.

Some quick references and a where-to-go guide.


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