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Over the course of the semester many websites have been used to gather information about science and technology.  These sites focus on technological advances, breaking news, and scientific issues.  Many of the websites have been useful resources of information for the final projects.  Here they are broken up into four separate categories here: medical, scientific, technological, and standard news sites.


Medical Links:

These sites contain information on medical procedures and advances in medical technologies.  They are useful in gaining knowledge about the always changing and advancing area of medicine.  The sites listed here range from health for women to professionally written medical journals.

Free Medical Journals:
Ruth Lilly Medical Library:
American Medical Association Journals:
Science Direct:
National Women’s Health Information Center:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
National Library of Medicine

Science Links:

These should help you gain an understanding of many different scientific issues that the world is facing today.  These links can get you information on anything from climate change to conservation biology.  There is a variety of information on these pages, and you should be able to find most any topic you are looking for.

American Naturalist:
American Scientist:
Animal Conservation:
Biological Conservation:
Conservation Ecology:
Climate Change:
Environmental Expert Magazines:
Environmental Science Division:
National Geographic: 
National Science Foundation:
Nature Magazine:
New Scientist:
Science Magazine:
Scientific American:
The Scientist:
Water, Air and Soil Pollution:

Technical Links:

These links have helped tremendously in discovering new technological advances of our time.  They will enlighten you and help you to understand the emerging technology in our world today.

The Business Technology Network:
Centre for Alternative Technology:
Government Technology: 
Information Technology Association of America:
National Institute of Standards and Technology:
The Technology Source:

Useful News

These sites provide useful information about news from all over the world.  Breaking issues are reported, and many of these issues often pertain to science and technology.  The cover subjects on a broader scale, and are written for the largest audience.  

BBC News:
New York Times:

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