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Arcturus is an online publication designed and operated by Elon University students. It is intended to further the understanding of science and technology by providing readers with articles that cover current and significant issues. The site contains works that bring together both scientific and technological research in a concise form of writing. that presents the information in an artful and erudite manner.


The Arcturus program is staffed by an English class taught by Professor Michael Strickland called Scientific and Technical Writing. Students in this class learn the concepts and theories behind writing about technical subject matter and then apply them to the publication at the end of the semester. It gives them practical experience in technical writing as well as providing the Elon community and the rest of the world with a source for science and technology. We intend to bring education to a culture that is lacking in scientific literacy.


Within this site there are pages and pages of data. It compiles the works of students and selected guest writers, all in the field of science and technology. The subject matter can span several areas of study, from space and flight to geology and ecology. It will incorporate legal information.




Michael Strickland
Last update December 6, 2003
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