What is the Arts and Humanities Fellows program?
What drives the Arts and Humanities Fellows program is the student-faculty relationship. This select group of scholars includes Elon juniors and seniors who benefit from the opportunity to conduct a two-year creative contribution/research project with a faculty mentor. Fellows also enjoy the camaraderie and "cross-fertilization" of other liberal arts scholars and artists. Each spring sophomores are chosen from the Elon College Fellows and lateral entry students majoring in the following programs: Art, Dance, English, Foreign Languages, Music, Music Theater, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Theatre Arts.

What are the program requirements?
Arts and Humanities Fellows conduct a two-year creative contribution/research project with a faculty mentor. The contribution/project must represent an original and worthwhile contribution to the student's field. The contribution/project must be made as public as possible, and must be presented to the most appropriate audience possible. To this end students take a special Art and Humanities Fellows seminar which exposes them to interdisciplinary approaches to the Arts and Humanities, at the same time that they give one another feedback on their work. At the end of the first semester fellows create a formal project proposal. Over the two years students create their contribution/project in concert with a mentor, taking at least 4 hours of 499 credits in their field. The final contribution/project must include a written defense which outlines its originality and value. The defense must situate the contribution/project in its field and demonstrate clearly its contribution. Students are expected to maintain a 3.2 G.P.A.

What are the entrance requirements and who selects the Fellows?
Elon College Fellows whose primary scholarly pursuit falls in the Arts and Humanities and who meet program requirements will be automatically accepted into the program. Fellows will be notified in the spring semester and will be invited to the annual banquet.

Do I have to have a research topic identified before I enter the program?
No. While some do have a fairly clear idea of their project, other students enter the program with only a specific area of interest already identified. All fellows most develop and refine their questions throughout the course of the first semester in the program.

Will I be able to study abroad during my junior or senior year?
Yes. The program encourages study abroad and other forms of out-of-the classroom learning.

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