Chemical Research at Elon

During the school year at the meetings there is one that is dedicated to research.  Either the professors come in and give a short presentation to their research or students talk about the research they have participated in.

Elon provides plenty of opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research.  ACS Certified Bachelors of Science Degree in Chemistry requires at least two credit hours of chemistry research.  Graduate schools and most internships require research experience which is gained at Elon. 

To register for research at Elon you need to complete a research form and submit it.  Part of the process is interviewing all of the faculty in the department to learn about the various research that is done within the department.  Some of the topics are the use of microwaves to accelerate selected organic reactions, the synthesis and characterization of platinum complexes with C-60 (buckminsterfullerenes), the monoplatinum complex and diplatinum complex, and the electrochemical characterization of some novel Pt(IV)-diimene complexes.

Undergraduates present their research at SERMACS

Research being done by the Faulty can be found on their personal pages off the Departmental Faulty Page.

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