National ACS-SA Membership

As a National ACS-SA member you cover your annual dues and a half year’s subscription to  Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) both the print and web editions.  Be sure to sign up for the Student Affiliates, it is only $19.00.  Also, you can subscribe to print journals at a cheaper price.  Please note that in our Elon Affiliates Chapter, only those with a National ACS-SA membership can hold office and have voting power.

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ACS Study Guides

General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry  finals are ACS standardized finals.  To help these students to better prepare themselves the ACS-SA sells study guides.  For the finals, the study guides, as well as, the test are divided into various topics and make it easy to use the guides to study for hour exams and the final.  Past students have found them useful and helpful to prepare for testing.   Contact the Officers or the Advisors to see how you can get yours.


Useful Websites

National ACS Website 

GRE Website

Chemistry Jobs and Internships

NC Central Region ACS Section Website

Royal Society  of Chemistry (Britain's ACS equivalent)


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