Test your knowledge of the Elon University Academic Honor Code by answering
the questions below.

1.  Which of the following is NOT covered in the Elon Academic Honor Code?

a.  plagiarism                                                        
b.  expressing opinions with civility               
c.  showing consideration for opinions of others
d.  respecting shared intellectual property
e.  none of the above (i.e., all are in the honor code)

2.  (true or false)  Students who contribute to other students’ honor violations may also be held                            accountable for their actions.

 3.  (true or false)  Students who can show a compelling reason why they have copied the work of another
without footnoting cannot be charged under the honor code.

 4.  (true or false)  The first time a student is found guilty of an honor code violation, that student generally
receives an “F” for the course, and that course cannot be repeated to erase that grade.

 5. (true or false)  If you take a direct quote from a book and you change a minimum of 10% of the                         
words in the quote, you are no longer required to cite the author in a footnote.

 6. Jeff paraphrases (but doesn’t directly quote) the ideas of an author in the middle of his paper.          
He does not identify the author in the text of his paper, but he does list the book in the               
bibliography at the end of his paper.

a.  Jeff has violated the Elon Honor Code
b.  Jeff has NOT violated the Elon Honor Code

_____7.  Jane is enrolled in a class that requires her to observe 20 hours of an elementary school    
classroom behavior in a local school.  Jane’s having a busy semester (heavy course load and              
outside job) and is having trouble finding the time.  Since she has four younger siblings, she feels                               
she knows about children’s behavior already.  She writes the summary paper without setting foot        
in the classroom.  Jane is a good writer and she receives an A grade on her paper.

a.        Jane has violated the Elon Honor Code
b.       Jane has NOT violated the Elon Honor Code
c.        It’s uncertain whether this is a violation of the Elon Honor Code

8. (true or false)  For a second honor code violation, a student will have a letter sent home, but that     
student cannot be dismissed from Elon.

 9.  Chris’ friend, Pat, has been under a lot of pressure with Greek rush and other leadership    
commitments.  Chris feels sorry for Pat and agrees to search the Internet to find a suitable paper           
for Pat to hand in to a biology teacher.  Pat submits the paper and gets a grade of  “B” initially.                           
Later the instructor discovers the paper has been lifted from the Internet and changes the grade to                
an “F.”   According to the Elon Honor Code:

a.                    Pat has violated the Academic Honor Code
b.                  Chris has violated the Academic Honor Code
c.                    Both Pat and Chris have violated the Academic Honor Code

10. (true or false) A faculty member who suspects a violation of the Academic Honor Code is                               
to report the violation to the appropriate authorities.

 11.  Which of the following types of people are represented on the Elon College Hearing Board, the                    
group that considers a case if the student denies any misconduct?

a.  Faculty                                           
b.  Faculty and students                
c.  Students
d.  Faculty, students and staff from Student Life
e.  Students and staff from Student Life
f.  Faculty and staff from Student Life



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