Collaboration Scenario #1        The Science Laboratory

Professor Smith teaches an introductory science class with a laboratory.  The class typically has 30 students, mostly sophomores.  One of the assignments, completed mid-way through the course, is worth 20% of the final grade.  The assignment is below.

Assignment for Lake Sample

Students will collaborate in groups of five to complete the collection and analysis of three samples of lake water from the campus pond.  Students should work together in collecting data, but should complete the written assignment individually. They should also write a short evaluation of the lab activity.  The assignment should be turned in shortly after fall break.

Indicate below the level of collaboration that you believe is appropriate as students complete this assignment.  (Note: “Collaboration” relates to student-to-student contact and does not include students asking questions of the professor or lab manager).  When you click on your answer you will see how many (and what percent) of Elon University faculty members agreed with your choice.  Regardless of the answers in this scenario, if your professor assigns you a collaborative project you should check with him or her to ask questions about what is and is not appropriate collaboration on your assignment.

 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT
 Collaborate            Collaborate            Collaborate


 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT                 1.  Clarify assignment and due dates

 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT                2.  Discuss ideas or concepts from the course
                                                                                                       related to the lab assignment

 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT                 3.  Discuss/review sub-steps in the assignment

 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT                4.  Set up conditions for the assignment
                                                                                                        (assembling equipment, observation charts, etc)

 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT                5.  Determining criteria for observation/data                                                                                                          collection

 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT                6.  Conduct the lab (collect data)

 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT                  7.  Discuss data from observations/data

 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT                  8.  Discuss outcome/conclusions from data
                                                                                                        collection or observations

 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT                  9.  Discuss format to be used in reporting outcomes

 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT                  10.  Discuss content to be used in reporting outcomes

 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT                  11.  Sharing resources (articles, tables, charts, etc)

 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT                  12. Outlining the final paper/report

 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT                  13.  Writing the final paper/report

 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT                   14.  Proofing/critiquing the final paper/report

 MUST                    CAN                       CANNOT                   15.  Complete reflection/ follow-up/ evaluation
                                                                                                            of project and process




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