Student Pages

Welcome to the pages designed specifically to meet students' needs and questions.  Here are a few of the places students can go from this page.

1.  Click here to see Elon's Honor Codes (located in the Student Handbook).

2.  Click here to get information about plagiarism....what it is and how you might avoid it.

3.  Click here for a link to Elon's Writing Center to get information on hours and services should you need help with your writing.

4.  Click here for the "voices of experience," letters from Elon students who have been found responsible for violating the academic honor code over the past few years.

5.  Click here to measure your honor "IQ" including your understanding of Elon's honor code and whether you recognize when to cite sources.

6.  Click here to see answers to frequently asked questions (Students)

7.  Click here for links of general interest related to honor and honor codes.