Sites With Additional Information


Plagiarism in Colleges in USA

Copyright by Ronald B. Sandler

(Information on the legal aspects of plagiarism)


Plagiarism  What it is and how to recognize and avoid it

From Indiana University Web Site to its students

(Contains examples for student to see correct and incorrect documentation)


Preventing, Detecting and Dealing with Plagiarism

From a workshop at Oberlin College

(Contains links to many recent articles dealing with cheating and plagiarism)


Writing Resources

From Indiana University’s “Writing Tutorial Services”

(Shows how to document in various styles (e.g., MLA APA.  Includes electronic citations)


Academic Integrity:  Case Studies to Consider

From the University of Michigan Web Page

(Contains documents useful as discussion-starters)


The University of Virginia Honor Committee Website

From the University of Virginia

(Shows how a school renowned for its honor system communicates its policies. 

Contains an honor video (under What’s New?) and links to honor systems at other colleges and universities)


The Undergraduate Honor System

From Kansas State University

(A well organized site.  Contains a section on Integrity Dialogue and other important links)


Collaboration: What Students Need to Know

From University of California - Davis

(Contains a good discussion of issues surrounding collaboration)



From Sharon Stoerger

(Contains links to many articles and sites related to plagiarism.  Many are suitable as discussion-starters.)


Academic Integrity at Princeton: When to Cite Sources

From Princeton University

(Presents five basic rules for all disciplines about when to document works used)


Examples of Plagiarism (text and computer program)

From Princeton University

(Shows examples of plagiarism with commentary explaining what is wrong and why)


Cheating 101:  Papermills and You

From Costal Carolina University

(Contains links to over 250 papermills currently available to students)


In Praise of Plagiarism

By Russ Hunt

(An essay asking readers to reflect on plagiarism and cheating.  Includes links to other plagiarism information)