1.  Why does Elon have an Honor Code? 

Answer:  The underlying goal of a university, or a community of scholars, is to seek understanding and truth.  Each field contributes to asking and answering questions in their own way by phrasing questions that are unique to them as well as seeking answers to more general questions such as "how we can create a better, more just and more sustainable world?"

In academe, searching for these answers requires that we be able to trust the efforts of others.  We trust that other scholars are careful in their search for truth, that that are reporting what they have observed or reasoned to be true and that they have given credit to the ideas and words of thinkers who have come before them and who helped to form the basis for their explorations.

All of the elements of Elon's Honor Code can be explained by the overriding principles of truth and trust.  We are telling students that to be members of this academic community (and by extension, citizens of the world) they must be honest, not try to gain unfair advantage by misleading others, and share the steps they reached in arriving at their opinions and understandings.

Elon has an academic honor code so that the "playing field" of ideas is level and equal for every student, and that students have a fair chance of learning and competing with others.  While we would hope many of these values would be automatically understood by students at Elon, we are committed to doing all we can to enforce fairness and honesty in all intellectual efforts.