If the student says he/she is “not responsible” and the case goes to a judicial hearing, what is my role?

Answer:  The professor will be a part of the hearing from the beginning.  He/she will hear what the student says in the opening statement and will have the opportunity to explain to the hearing board why he/she became suspicious of the work.  The board often asks questions of the student and the faculty member to help clarify the circumstances of the alleged violation.

During the second phase of the hearing, the professor will leave the room as the board deliberates, but will remain nearby in case there are additional questions.  At the conclusion of the deliberation, both faculty and students are invited to return to the room where the board will explain its decision.

If the outcome is "responsible," the board will begin a second phase to determine its sanction.  The student will be asked to wait nearby for a second time.  At this point the instructor is generally free to leave.  If the instructor decides to wait, he/she may be included in the reporting of the sanctions.

Faculty who would like more information about the procedures of the hearing board or about their responsibilities in a specific case should contact the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs who can share information with them.