Should I hand back tests or papers to students I have reported?

Answer:  This will vary with the class and assignment.  You should immediately make a copy of the relevant materials to turn in with the incident report.  You might also want to make a copy for your records.

If you believe that it will be awkward for you or the student to skip over him/her as you return the papers to the class, then you can return it without a grade on it and with a note saying the student will soon be contacted by an administrator to discuss the paper

If you believe you do not have to return the paper and the student asks you about it, indicate that you would like to talk to him/her about it at the end of class.  At that time you can indicate that the student will receive a call soon from an administrator to talk about it.  You can explain that you had some questions about the work, but that according to the faculty handbook, you are not to address the issue with him/her until that discussion between the student and an administrator has taken place.

If the student pushes for continued discussion, you may send him/her directly to 120 Alamance to meet with the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs.