Can I just choose to handle a violation on my own and not report it?

Answer:  While it may be tempting to want to just ignore or minimize an honor code violation, there are at least three reasons why it is not a good idea.

#1  Elon has an obligation to have a policy for handling violations that is followed consistently for all students.  When an instructor takes an honor code violation into his/her own hands, the student gains ammunition for charging that the institution did not follow its own policy with his/her case.

#2  Circumstances are not always what they first seem.  While no professor would press a frivolous charge against a student, there may be elements of a case that a student needs to have heard.  Without confirmation of a student's responsibility for a violation, an instructor risks the student challenging his/her final grade through the University's grade grievance policy.

#3  Without a central record of violations, students may repeat a cheating or plagiarism incident in several classes with the pattern never being discovered.  Students who consistently violate Elon's academic honor code should know that their behavior violates the values of the community, and their continued violations may result in their being dismissed permanently.