How does an honor code F impact a studentís grade?

Answer:  If a student takes responsibility for a violation or is found responsible by a hearing board, the professor is allowed to determine the impact on the student's grade in his/her class.  This may range from no grade impact at all, to failing an assignment or a test, to failing a particular unit of the course, to failing the entire course with an honor code F.

If a professor elects to give a student an honor code "F" for the course then Elon's standard "repeat rule" does not apply. 

Elon's Repeat Rule:
"Courses repeated within four semesters of attendance (excluding winter and summer sessions) following the first enrollment in the course count only once in computing the cumulative GPA.  In such cases, the most recent grade is counted rather than any previous grade(s) received)."

Elon's Repeat Rule Related to an Honor Code F:
"A course in which an "F" was received due to a violation of the Academic Honor Code may be repeated; however, the original grade will count in the cumulative GPA."

While a student found "responsible" may appeal an honor case, he/she is only appealing the sanctions given by the judicial board, not the grade assigned by the instructor. 

An Honor Code "F" for a course may not be appealed through the University's Grade Grievance process.

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