Sample Wording for
Course Syllabi

Elonís academic honor system asks faculty members to outline their expectations for honor behaviors in their classes.  Below are sample paragraphs that may be used and/or modified for course syllabi. 

Paragraph #1  
Each student is responsible for knowing the Elon Honor Code.  Please familiarize yourself with this document.  Student sent before the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs and/or the Honor Code Board face consequences ranging from an F on an assignment to an F in a course, to expulsion from the University.  (Glaesel: GST 361, Spring 2002)

Paragraph #2  
This course recognizes and adheres to the principles of the Elon Academic Honor Code.  Students are expected to be familiar with the code and follow it consistently, regardless of whether the professor is present to enforce it.  Questions about possible violations should be directed to the instructor.  Suspected violations will be reported to the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs. (Fair: GST 346, Spring 2002)

Paragraph #3  
It is expected that students graduating with a degree in political science will maintain high standards of professional ethics.  The Elon University Honor Code will be strictly enforced in this class.  Guidelines regarding plagiarism, citations and independent research will be strictly enforced.  All violations will be sent to the honor council for review.  Any questions about proper citation, paraphrasing, or guidelines for research should be discussed with the course professor.  Ignorance about the guidelines for research and writing will not be considered adequate excuse for honor code violations.  You are expected to read the honor code.  See:

(Spray: POL 461, Spring 2002)

Paragraph #4  
I adhere to the academic honor code policy set forth in your student handbook, and I encourage you to review its contents.  Any suspected violation of the honor code will be reported to the Office of the Provost and vice President for Academic Affairs.  The lines between verbatim plagiarism, unacceptably extensive paraphrasing, and acceptable summarizing are not always clear to students.  But I am holding you accountable to make those distinctions correctly, and claims of ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.  THEREFORE, if you have ANY doubts at any time about what is and is not acceptable, PLEASE consult with me before turning in a paper.  This is a serious concern for if you are adjudicated as having violated the honor code, you will receive an "F" in the course.
(Pickens: PSY 461, Spring 2002)

Paragraph #5  
The Elon Academic  Honor Code and Social Honor Code are in effect during this course.  You should review your student handbook (Web site) in detail.  The Elon Academic Honor Code applies to all activities and assignments in this course.  Students will refrain from cheating, lying, plagiarizing, facilitating the dishonesty of others, and stealing or vandalism.  Violations of the honor code will be reported to the appropriate administrative office for action. (Book: JCM495, Spring 2002)

For Faculty and Staff