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Welcome. This Web site was created to help faculty staff, students and guests gain a deeper understanding of Elon Universityís Academic Honor Code. The site seeks to clarify policies and processes, educate readers on the need for an honor code and answer questions. The ultimate goal of this site is to help prevent honor code violations.

Elonís Academic and Social Honor Codes appear in full in the Elon University Student Handbook.  Click here to read the honor codes.

Elonís Academic Honor Code affirms that Elon University students will not cheat, plagiarize, lie, steal or violate the property of others, and will not facilitate others engaging in these behaviors.  All Elon students are expected to uphold the honor code.

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This Web site is the co-creation of Greg Halstead, Elon University student and student integration specialist of the elite program of Instructional Technologies and Dr. Mary Wise, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs and coordinator of Elonís Academic Honor Code